Neither would we.

This unsuspecting Customer, having just paid in excess of £360,000 for his new home in Widnes, decided that a laminate floor would be the icing on the cake. Once the floor was ‘finished’, however, he was so unhappy that the called Clarion Flooring & Blinds Ltd and asked us to completely remove the floor and fit Quick Step 700 Classic laminate flooring, as even the style of the floor would be a constant reminder of the mess that was made of his home.

Essentially, the job was paid for twice – a mistake that he won’t be making again, and one that everybody should learn from.

Below is just a small sample of pictures, taken before and after the job was correctly refitted.

Here, the 'fitter' had left an expansion gap that was too large. In order to disguise this, he had packed out the beading with cardboard and filled the gap with mastic... Lots of mastic!
In this picture, the beading at the top of the picture had been cut too long. Instead of simply shortening the bead, it has been pinned to the skirting, resting upon the adjoining bead.
The true sign of a good fitter is how well they finish around any unusually shaped objects. This job was definitely not done by a good fitter, then... Bring on the mastic!
Rather than spend a little time on attention to detail, this 'fitter' has simply left a huge gap because he just couldn't be bothered to cut around a waste pipe.
In this example of poor finishing, the 'fitter' had cut a 2-foot piece of beading, costing about £1, short by 1/4-inch. Rather than replace the bead, he decided (yet again) to fill the gap with mastic. This was not the only poor mitre!
Fitting laminate beneath doorframes can be quite tricky, sometimes, but if it doesn't fit, take it out and replace it... Gaps like this shouldn't be seen - no excuses. We can only assume that the 'fitter' must have run out of mastic!
Another job for Mastic Man! Here, the laminate finishes almost level with the door threshold. There are specific finishing plates for these situations, but this 'fitter' doesn't seem to realise they exist.

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